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Step 1 - Introduce organic unsalted ghee (recipe available in Gut and Psychology Syndrome)

Step 2 - Introduce organic unsalted butter

Step 3 - Introduce homemade kefir, yogurt and fermented cream

Step 4 - Introduce homemade cheese

Step 5 - Introduce mature traditional cheese

Step 6 - Introduce double cream and clotted cream

Avoid all milk and milk substitutes.

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Patients with a known sensitivity to dairy or experiencing conditions such as eczema, asthma, and allergies, may find it beneficial to temporarily eliminate all dairy when first implementing the protocol until some healing has occurred.  Some patients find even fermented dairy exacerbates their symptoms even when starting from the Introduction Diet and should go through the Dairy Introduction Structure when they are ready to reintroduce it.

It may take patients up to 18 months to successfully complete the Dairy Introduction Structure when starting from the Full GAPS Diet.

Commercially available milk should never be consumed even when coming off the GAPS diet.  Many patients do well with raw milk once the Dairy Introduction Diet has been successfully completed.

When introducing dairy, it is recommended to first perform a sensitivity test as outlined in the Introduction Diet.  All dairy products should be gradually introduced starting with 1 tsp for a few days and slowly increasing.  If any negative response is observed, the patient is not ready for that particular dairy product and it should be avoided until additional healing has taken place. 

Dairy Introduction Structure


Introducing dairy seems to be one of the more confusing areas in the GAPS diet.  The Gut and Psychology Syndrome book recommends introducing dairy very slow on pg. 119, but the Introduction Diet recommends homemade yogurt from the beginning.  This is because some GAPS people are able to tolerate well-fermented homemade whey and yogurt from the beginning.  This is not true for everyone so it is important to do a sensitivity test before introducing any dairy product.  The Dairy Introduction Structure was designed for patients who are starting with the Full GAPS Diet or who have known sensitivities to dairy.

Natural Digestive Healing

Stages to Follow

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