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"No matter how much it gets abused, the body can restore balance."

-Deepak Chopra


The nutrients you require for optimal health are just as unique as the environment inside your body.  Genetic predispositions, medications, diet, and lifestyle choices are only a few determining factors impacting your current health and your potential path to healing.  Although general "rules" are enforced through any integrative approach (such as eliminating processed and refined carbohydrates), it can be nearly impossible figuring out what and why certain foods considered "healthy" may actually harmful for your biochemistry.  Our team works with you at your own pace in order to identify imbalances and triggers.

Do you feel overwhelmed on where to begin with your healing journey?  You are not alone!  In today’s world, our bodies are constantly under assault from a combination of environmental stressors, toxic lifestyle choices, and genetic influences.  This can lead to chronic and debilitating conditions that impact overall health and quality of life.  Finding a starting point that supports your individual needs can be daunting with the hundreds of dietary and supplement protocols available today.    

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If you are looking for a more rigorous approach to your healing journey, we offer a comprehensive and clinical health plan.  Additional support may include genetic evaluations, comprehensive blood testing, gut microbiome analysis, compounding pharmaceuticals, and more.  Please contact our office at 1-800-899-3413 or email us at for details!

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Are you confused with where and how to start your healing journey?  Have you tried GAPS before and didn't have success?  Perhaps you want to tweak your supplementation protocol to support underlying digestive and immune deficiencies.  We are currently offering an Introductory GAPS Coach Plan. 

After completing an online health questionnaire within our secure database, a phone consultation with one of our nutritional health coaches will be set up and a personalized dietary and supplement protocol will be designed.  You will also receive 14 days of unlimited email communication through our chatroom.

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