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Detoxing can cause damage in the body, on top of damage from accumulated toxins.  Supporting the body’s natural cleansing process is necessary to repair damaged tissues.  Damaged tissues have to be repaired and your body will be doing that in parallel with cleansing.  Dr. Campbell-McBride recommends natural methods of detoxification, as intense chelating agents and detox programs may actually cause more harm than good by overwhelming the organs responsible for neutralizing and eliminating toxins.  In addition to supporting the detoxification system, it is also recommended to reduce the general toxic load as much as possible.



Dr. Campbell-McBride believes juicing with freshly pressed organic fruits, vegetables, and herbs is the best way to naturally restore the detoxification system.  GAPS milkshakes are recommended to support the liver and help stimulate bile flow.  Please refer to the GAPS book for specific recommendations and recipes.

Coffee enemas cleanse the liver and speed up the detoxification system in the body.  Not recommended for children.

Dr. Campbell-McBride recommends natural supplements that help remove toxins from the body including probiotics, seaweed, chlorella, spirulina, zeolite, beta-carotene, taurine, frozen bee pollen, clays, MSM, and diatomaceous earth.  These should not be taken by patients with severe digestive conditions such as Crohn's and Ulcerative Colitis.

It is recommended to consume fermented vegetables, high-sulfur foods (if well tolerated), and high quality fresh animal foods (fresh meats, fish, eggs and cultured dairy).

Oil pulling with cold pressed oils such as olive oil, coconut oil, and sesame oil is recommended.

Swimming in natural waters of lakes, rivers, and the sea as well as responsible sunbathing supports the health of the skin, the largest detoxification organ.

Dr. Campbell-McBride recommends bathing with Epsom salts, seaweed, clays, and bicarbonate of soda.

Dr. Campbell-McBride recommends reducing the general toxic load by avoiding man-made chemicals as much as possible and only use natural skin care products that do not contain toxic ingredients.

Dr. Campbell-McBride recommends having a holistic dentist remove amalgam fillings.


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