Dairy Introduction 

The Dairy Introduction Structure is designed for GAPS patients who skipped the Introduction Diet or eliminated dairy while going through the Introduction Diet due to a known sensitivity to dairy.  It is important to remember that homemade fermented dairy from raw, organic sources is very different and generally tolerated much better than pasteurized dairy products commercially available.  Dr. Campbell-McBride recommends performing a sensitivity test on all new dairy products.


  • Patients experiencing conditions such as eczema, asthma, and allergies, may find it beneficial to eliminate all dairy even when starting the Full GAPS Diet.  
  • It may take patients up to 18 months to successfully complete the Dairy Introduction Structure when starting from the Full GAPS Diet.
  • Commercially available milk should never be consumed even when coming off the GAPS diet.  Many patients do well with raw milk once the Dairy Introduction Diet has been successfully completed.
  • When introducing dairy, it is recommended to first perform a sensitivity test.  All dairy products should be gradually introduced starting with 1 tsp for a few days and slowly increasing.  If any negative response is observed, the patient is not ready for that dairy product and should avoid it until additional healing has taken place.

Steps to Follow

Below is a brief summary of the Dairy Introduction Structure that is outlined in detail in Dr. Campbell-McBride’s Gut and Physiology Syndrome.

Step 1: Avoid all dairy for 4-6 weeks 

Step 2: Introduce homemade ghee from raw organic butter

Step 3: Introduce raw organic cultured butter

Step 4: Introduce homemade yogurt and sour cream made from raw organic milk and cream using yogurt culture

Step 5: Introduce homemade kefir and sour cream made from raw organic milk and cream using kefir culture

Step 6: Make homemade cottage cheese

Step 7: Introduce commercially available, natural cheeses