Complete Cooking Techniques for GAPS, 2nd Edition


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With The Complete Cooking Techniques for the GAPS Diet, noted chef, author, and teacher Monica Corrado teaches you how to do GAPS. Not just the foods you eat, but when, how, and why you eat them. This revised second edition includes more than ever before: more recommendations, more tips and tweaks, and more clarifications on how to successfully implement the GAPS Nutritional Protocol. Readers will find a complete list of GAPS-friendly ingredients and equipment, a Fahrenheit to Celsius conversion table, new recipes, and a brand new index that makes navigating GAPS easier than ever. The 2nd Edition comes in a wire-bound format so you can lay it flat on the counter as you cook.

In her new material, Corrado places GAP Syndrome within the wider context of this moment in human history, which, among other things, is marked by ongoing nutritional disaster. Today, the syndrome is thought to cause many Americans a wide array of maladies, including brain disorders, digestion system disorders, and autoimmune disease. This state of affairs makes this book essential, even urgent, reading.

The product of years of research and real-world experience, this compendium is one of the most comprehensive works on the Gut and Psychology Syndrome to date. In these pages, readers will learn what elevates the GAPS diet to a healing protocol. Corrado shows her mastery of the subject matter with detailed information on the three phases of the GAPS diet, from the ins and outs of the Intro and Full GAPS to the final Transition diet. Readers will also find sections on supplements and the optimal human diet after GAPS—all new material that is only available in this volume.

The following original volumes are presented in their entirety, including the author’s initial Introductions and the glowing Forewords written by Dr. Natasha Campbell McBride:

Meat Stock and Bone Broth: The series was launched with this important discussion of how and when to use meat stock and bone broth, and, crucially, why you should never mix them up. As Corrado explains in her Introduction, meat stock and bone broth are often confused with each other—often to the detriment of those on the GAPS diet.

Culturing Dairy: The second book in the series continued to unravel common myths and misconceptions of the GAPS diet, this time with a focus on cultured dairy products. Readers will find an extensive recipe section showcasing time-honored culturing techniques for cultured cream, yogurt, kefir, butter, ghee, and more. And with the Dairy Introduction Protocol, those with dairy sensitivities or allergies have a step-by-step guide for slowly adding cultured dairy back into their diet.

Lacto-Fermentation: As Dr. Campbell-McBride states in her Foreword to this volume, the nearly lost skill of lacto-fermentation is responsible for an epidemic of abnormal gut flora in modern humans. This informational powerhouse of a book not only explains what lacto-ferments are and why you need them, but it also includes plenty of recipes and techniques for making a wide range of lacto-ferments at home.

Seeds (Nuts, Seeds, Beans, and Grains): Here is the conclusion to the original series. Why have all traditional societies in human history applied the techniques of soaking, sprouting, and fermenting nuts and seeds before consuming them? The answer lies in the immense nutritional power hidden away in their protective wrappers. This book explains how to unlock the nutrients and easily digest the wide world of nuts, seeds, beans, and legumes. Includes a bonus chapter on how to reintroduce grains once you complete the diet.

Certified GAPS Practitioners can use this volume as a tool for learning or teaching. GAPS sufferers can use it to navigate through the sometimes complicated stages of the diet. And laypeople can use it as a reference to improve their overall health. With The Complete Cooking Techniques for the GAPS Diet, Monica Corrado has written a book that is broad in scope, deep in knowledge, and indispensable in today’s nutritional landscape.

About the Author

Monica Corrado, MA, is a teaching chef, a holistic Certified Nutrition Consultant, and a Certified Gaps Practitioner. With her cooking classes, lectures, and books, Monica has devoted her career to helping both children and adults reclaim their natural well-being through nourishing traditional food, especially those who suffer from ASD, ADHD, Asperger’s, allergies, and autoimmune disorders. As a dynamic speaker, consultant, and author, she’s passionate about illuminating the connection between food and health. Monica lives to give people the tools they need to not only cook nourishing, traditional food but also teach others.