Seagreens Food Granules


Seagreens Food Granules are the same seaweed mix as in Seagreens Food Capsules, but in granular form.

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Seagreens Food Granules are the same seaweed mix as in Seagreens Food Capsules, but in granular form.

Compared to land foods, Seagreens lose fewer nutrients in cooking, and none if included in salads or sprinkled on foods as a condiment.

For example, a teaspoon of Seagreens Granules in your daily diet has more iron than a plate of broccoli and more calcium than half a cup milk! Because Seagreens is rich in amino acids, it brings out the flavours of most foods. And the good news is that when Seagreens is included with carbohydrates, it helps reduce acidity and flatulence!

While most other seaweeds are farmed, particularly in France, Ireland and Japan, Seagreens products are made from wild seaweed plants harvested in cold, clean waters among remote conservation islands in Scotland and Norway. They are cut and air dried within hours at the point of harvest. The Seagreens company’s carefully rotated, sustainable harvesting practices ensure continued plant growth and cause no damage to the marine environment. Seagreens production and processing are certified in Norway and in the UK in accordance with the world’s highest biodynamic and organic standards.

We know of no other natural functional food with such an incredibly balanced nutritional profile that can be easily introduced into the family diet as Seagreens Food Granules.

One gram Seagreens Food Capsules typically contain: Protein: 75 mg Carbohydrate/fibre: 600 mg (of which the non-starch polysaccharides Algin 230 mg, Fucose and Fucoidan 90 mg, Mannitol 65 mg, Methylpentosans, Laminarin 40 mg, Mannuronic acid 270 mg) and essential fatty acids EFAs Vitamins: A (antioxidant carotenoids beta carotene, and fucoxanthin, violaxanthin and chlorophyll) 178 mcg, B group (including B12, Cyanocobalamin 0.004 mcg, Bc Folic and Folinic acid 0.6 mcg, B1 Thiamine 0.3 mcg, B2 Riboflavin 7.5 mcg, Niacin (anti-pellagra) 20 mcg, Pantothenic acid, B6 Pyridoxin, Choline) 8.9 mcg, C (antioxidant) 1.25 mg, D (Cholecalciferol) 0.01 mcg, E (antioxidant) including the complete set of isomers 0.23 mg, H (Biotin) .30 mcg K (Menadione) 10 mcg Minerals: Calcium 20 mg,Chlorine 35 mg, Magnesium 7 mg, Nitrogen 10.5 mg, Phosphorus 1.5 mg, Potassium 25 mg, Sodium 35 mg, Sulphur 30 mg Trace Elements: Antimony trace, Boron 0.06 mg, Cobalt 5.4 mcg, Copper trace, Fluorine 0.2 mg, Germanium trace, Gold trace, Iodine 399 mcg*, Iridium trace, Iron 575 mcg, Lithium trace, Manganese 0.03 mg, Molybdenum 0.65 mcg, Platinum trace, Rubidium trace, Selenium 0.15 mcg, Silicon 1 mg, Silver trace, Tellurium trace, Titanium trace, Vanadium 2.3 mcg and Zinc 0.13 mg Amino acids: Histidine trace, Isoleucine 0.53 mg, Leucine 5.3 mg, Lysine 2.78 mg, Methionine 0.68 mg, Phenylalanine 0.83 mg, Threonine 2.33 mg, Tryptophan trace, Valine 2.63 mg, Alanine 4.57 mg, Arginine 11.17 mg, Aspartic acid 4.88 mg, Cysteine 0.90 mg, Glutamic acid 5.18 mg, Glycine 3.90 mg, Proline 3 mg, Serine 2.25 mg, Tyrosine 1.05 mg Betaines: Glycine Betaine trace, Gamma Amino Butyric Acid Betaine trace, Delta Amino Valeric Acid Betaine trace, TML (Laminine) trace, LCarnitine trace, Trigonelline trace; enzymes and valuable compounds which cannot be formulated such as the phenolic compounds including free phloroglucinol, fucophorethols, and phlorotannin derivatives.

Each bottle contains 100 grams.