Vegetable Stomper – Vegetable Pounder


The Vegetable Stomper – Vegetable Pounder is the perfect tool to make your homemade fermented vegetables.

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The Vegetable Stomper – Vegetable Pounder is the perfect tool for making homemade fermented vegetables. It has been handcrafted from untreated maple wood. This unique product has been designed for use with both wide mouth and standard mouth jars and containers.

The Vegetable Stomper – Vegetable Pounder measures 11 1/2″ tall with one end at 2 1/2″ and the opposite end at 2″. Both ends can be used for pounding down vegetables for your ferments allowing it to be used in a wide variety of fermenting jars and containers.


This product has been crafted from pure maple wood and does NOT have a finish added to it. A finish was omitted due to allergen concerns with many of the common finishing oils. We strongly recommend oiling this product prior to use to prevent odor, bacteria growth, staining, and to preserve the wood for years worth of fermenting use.

Oil Options:

Walnut or Almond Oil, Coconut Oil, USP-grade Mineral Oil

Applying Oil:

Before applying oil, warm oil slightly. Using a soft cloth, apply oil in the direction of the grain, allowing oil to soak in each time. We recommend applying 4-5 coats prior to first use. After each oiling, wait a few hours and wipe off any oil that did not soak in. Re-oiling occasionally is recommended to extend the life of the wood and keep a nice appearance.


Use warm water and a nylon brush to clean. Dish soap may be used when needed but oiling afterwards is recommended. Dry immediately after washing. Do not allow the wood to sit in standing water or be exposed to moisture for extended periods of time.